2022 GWM Ora Good Cat EV in Malaysia


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2022 GWM Ora Good Cat EV in Malaysia – 47.8 or 63.1 kWh batt, up to 500 km range, below RM150k est, Q4


This EV is a cute little cat of a car, and I find it to be the most intriguing car ever to come out of China, desirable even. Sure, there are design inspirations that look familiar, but it’s all put together in an original retro-modern manner and the car looks cool and fun.

If you don’t know it already, it’s the Ora Good Cat from Great Wall Motors (GWM), which is now officially in Malaysia as a brand. The Good Cat, or Haomao in Mandarin, is set to hit our market in Q4 this year, along with some Haval SUVs. Ora (EV) and Haval (SUV) are GWM’s brands.

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